Friday, September 18, 2009


In the spring of 1993 an amazing thing happened to me that changed the entire course of my life. I had a supernatural encounter and a taste of the grace that is part of the character of God. From that day till now I have been in pursuit of an understanding of the grace that pursued me.
Some of the things that I have discovered:
First grace is a person. He is the essence of God and the heart of all that is good. His name is Jesus Christ. Not the Jesus that is portrayed on stained-glass or in Hollywood, but rather the healer of the sick, the one who raised the dead, the one who has compassion on the prostitute as well as the preachers. Looking into the eyes of this man is to see into the soul of God Himself. Jesus came to show us that God was not the God we were making Him out to be. He was not a cosmic cop in the sky that was without feelings. He (God) could be human and experience all the good and the bad that life had to offer. This is the person of Grace.
Second Jesus came to accomplish many things, reconciliation, true servant leadership, restoration, and freedom. The scriptures never say that Jesus came to save us from hell. They do however tell us that He came to save us from our sin. This is good news. Actually this is great news. It wasn’t hell that was separating us from experiencing the heart of God, it was our own sin. Jesus brought to the table a new law, the law of the spirit of life, and it makes us free from the law of “sin” and death.
Grace assures us that no matter what we have done or how often we have done it we are set free from it. So we find that God is not mad or even saddened by our humanistic behavior but rather it is part of His plan for redemption of all men. We do reap what we have sown in this life. There is a wage that must be paid for our sin and the wage is death. Death encompasses much more than just the act of life lost. It is loss of dominion. We are repeatedly told to choose life in scriptures and we as men have been given great responsibilities to fill the earth (an act of life) and subdue it (an act of dominion).
This “life” is accomplished though grace.
Thirdly I would say that grace is far more powerful an agent then we have made it out to be. I would go as far as to say if you don’t realize that you can do something awful in the eyes of man and still be forgiven by God then you don’t really understand grace. No I am not saying do them (the sins) Romans 6:1 asks do we continue in sin so that grace may abound? Certainly not! Grace is not a license to sin it is freedom from sins. God created this life for us to enjoy and we all have part to play in life itself. Grace is the factor that keeps all things in harmony. I once read about an early church father who would bend over and look at the earth up side down. Once when he did this one of his followers asked why, his reply was that, “grace keeps it all hanging”.
Grace is the good news that changes the heats of men. Grace is more powerful than our traditions and denominational views. Grace is the goodness of God in operation in this life. Grace has the ability to overcome any sin and any sinner. As a matter of fact the greater the sin the greater the grace available.
Grace is one of the greatest expressions of love. God is love. Grace is an expression of the heart of God towards you. Fall into the arms of grace and embrace all of it. Grace is coming for you! A great flood of His grace is upon and is covering the whole earth.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Guns n Roses Sweet Child o' mine "A Prophetic Melody for a Generation"

Sweet Child O’ Mine
"A Prophetic Melody for a Generation"
The other day while driving with my family I was switching through the radio stations to find some oldies when I came across the guitar solo that is the intro to Sweet Child O’ Mine, this is one of the songs that I have loved since I was a teenager. As the lyrics began and I began to sing along the Lord blasted a wind through my spirit. He spoke to me in my spirit and said, " let me sing this to you, My child, My church, to this generation." As the words poured forth there was such an agreement in my spirit that I started to weep. I began to realize God’s heart towards His beloved. It was not a love song for a savior it was a love song from our Savior. I encourage you to find the lyrics for yourself and allow them to minister to you. In the season that we are approaching it is important to stay in a place of intimacy with the Lord.
The Lord showed me that Jesus remembers when the concept of our relationship with Him all started. Of how He chose for Himself a people, and how we are the apple of His eye.
Society abroad has propagated a mind set of poor character, apathy, and hatred toward innocense. And there is as many people groups promoting the problems as there are people groups giving suggestions of quick fixes. So I will throw my hat in the ring and give mine as well. Being careful not to draw you away from the original point of restored intimacy. When Jesus came on the scene, He was on a mission to restore the world back to the original plan of God. This could only be accomplished by an innocent man becoming a ransom for all condemned man. When Jesus stood on the rock of Judgement and was exchanged for Barabbas a guilty man, this was being accomplished. It was in His (Jesus) death that He put an end to the curse of sin and death. Sin because He gave His life for yours and mine. Death because He rose from the dead. There by ending deaths reign in the Earth. So according to scriptures God is no longer mad at man and man has been completely reconciled back to God not by their goodness or sacrifices but because of the goodness and sacrifice that Jesus made on behalf of all men.
God created man with the full intention that man would exist in the Earth by exercising our own will and rights as Sons of God. Ruling and reigning in the Earth continually drawing from the unseen realm into the seen realm. We have had this concept perverted by years of man made religions and wrong translations. Man has drifted away from the idea and concepts of the Kingdom and gravitated toward the doctrines and traditions of men. What does all this have to do with the song, you ask? Simply put, God’s heart is that we all begin to function at the capacity that He has created us for. He longs to see us develop into the fullness of the Sons of God. Not only God Himself but according to Romans chapter 8 all of creation is looking forward to the emergence of the Son of God. Because creation will be delivered from it’s corruption by the Sons of God. God’s heart is crying out to His children, His bride. The lyrics in the bridge say, "Where do we go now?" This reminds me of a question that God asked me once when I was seeking His direction. He asked me, "What do you want to do?" I feel as though God is asking this generation the same question. As Sons of God where do you want to go? What do you want to do? The adventures of Global restoration lies ahead of us all. God is calling His children to our place of Dominion. Will you answer the call? All has been redeemed it is our job as evangelist to bring the world to that realization.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


It seems as though everyone I know has some sort of bondage in their life. None of us are exempt from from finding ourselves entangled in some kind of destructive behavior. I once met a ninety eight year old man who told me that he had a terrible addiction to Tootsie Rolls. This may seem humorous but it was a very real and serious addiction for this man.

Every bondage has the potential to snowball into a life altering problem if left unchecked. Possibly the most potentially harmful of all bandages would have to be religious ones. Having grown up in a typical local Church I daily realize that I have 30+ years of religious mindsets that do and don't continually hold me back from maximizing who I am and who I was created to be.

Some mindsets I have overcome
1. God rewards my good works and curses my bad behavior
2. God is mad with man
3. I have to pay tithes or I am cursed
4. I have to die to experience Heaven
5. Church is the most important institution created
6. Pastors are "head" of the local assembly
7. Woman have no place in leadership in churches

And many others that involve; gifting and callings of God on an individuals life. It seems that in American churches we say so much and understand so little.

What caused the change?

Several years back I had an encounter with God that changed everything about me, I will not tell the while encounter or what happened that brought me to it but I will say I was unsure if the encounter happened in the natural realm or the supernatural realm. In this encounter I had a large pile of black hairy flesh attached to my back. I was also wearing an old style prison suit with black and white strips. I had seen Jesus earlier in this encounter and He was wearing a very casual type of clothing. Long story short, I was set free from the bondage that was attached to me and I was dressed like Jesus. I left the encounter with the realization that it was truly for freedom that Christ has set us free. Now it seems that my life is encapsulated in setting people free.

As a person who pursues and promotes freedom I have become a lot more tolerant to people who are bound and far less tolerant to people who put others in bondage. As a side note I do realize that both of these people types are in serious trouble. So we are to live out our lives in a place of Freedom Galatians 5:1 for freedom Christ has set us free, stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.

It has become humorous to me to tell these truths to people and hear their responses. One of my favorites is, "there is freedom in following rules". To this statement I must disagree. There may be joy in following rules but there is no freedom in it. At the same time we must realize that there is a difference between rules and responsibility. A rule is a law that must be followed to the letter or else face a consequence. Where as a responsibility is given with the intent that one exercises free will in the completion of the task. God created us (man) with responsibilities and it was only after the fall that the rules or law was established. Jesus came and completed the law as a fulfillment of the requirement of God. Essentially obtaining freedom for us all. The Gospel (Good News) is grace and grace promises freedom. Galatians 5:18 If you are led by the spirit you are not under the law. And apparently from the text you are not under any other self concocted religious law. Jesus came and gave you a new covenant with God and the greatest law of all, that you love God and you love your neighbor. If we will except this responsibility it will produce fruits in our lives of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control, against such there is no law. There is no law that tells you where, or when, or even how often you can exercise them.

The conclusion then is that you get free and stay free. Some of you will be like I was. It will most likely take some church hurts and abuses of authority to get you to see you have bandages. For others you are ready and God will show you the path to your freedom. Which ever person you are, you should know that your freedom is waiting for you, responsibilities are waiting for you not more unobtainable rules.

Stop worrying about making it to Heaven. Your concern should be is Heaven in me and am I manifesting Heaven everywhere I go.

That is Freedom.

Monday, January 12, 2009

How you say?

I just finished a meeting with a few friends concerning the global production of a video product that I am an advisor to. In the process of the meeting we discussed the possibility of the global market and how to make that happen. I suddenly had a sense of just how many languages there are in the world and how I know none of them. I tend to destroy my own language. One friend in the meeting speaks Spanish. English is a second language to him so many times he had to pause and think of how things were said or pronounced in English. We are complex people and we live in a complex world. We can not pre-judge one another or be prejudice. the fact of the matter still remains no one race is better than the other . Love must be the central point all that we do. Whether we are followers of Christ or not. Whatever our race or creed, nationality or backgrounds the bottom line is the same. Love is the nucleus that levels us all. I tend to believe that the fabric of our society and societies abroad is they are some how knitted together by people who ahhh how you say? awe yes, Love.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


The use of the term evangelist exist twice in the New Testament this is interesting for several reasons. The First is that both times it was given in reference to the maturity of believers. The first when the Apostle Paul told Timothy (his understudy) to do the work of an evangelist. Second is when addressing the church in Ephesus (Ephesians 4) when he told them of the 5 gifts given for the maturing of the saints. The Word simply means one who tells of the good news of God's grace. We (in the church world) have placed so much focus on the main gaol of the believer "winning souls" however this is not the main goal. Jesus told us what the main goal was when He was asked what the greatest commandment was. He replied that you Love God and that you love your neighbor.Loving God is your first priority and the second comes from the first that you love your neighbor as you love yourself. If you loved your neighbor why wouldn't you tell them of your love for God and His grace towards you. Evangelism was never meant to be about tracks, cubes, scare tactics, heaven or hell. That's right I said heaven or hell. Jesus never, at any point in His earthly ministry threatened someone with hell in order to pressure them to follow Him. Neither did He suggest they would not go to heaven. Heaven was always presented as a present reality not a final destination. So evangelism seems to be more about telling others of the grace that is available to them and the present reality of heaven that is obtainable in Christ Jesus. Jesus became the way for man to reconnect with God.The grace or gospel of the kingdom is good news. The good news is that God's not mad at us anymore. His wrath was quenched by the blood of His son Jesus. He loves us and the provisions of His kingdom are available to all men. They just don't know it yet. We (evangelist) must tell them.

Essay come. Essay go

In writing previous blogs I have often felt rushed and pressured to give as much information in as short amount of space as possible. I suppose it is a fear issue that I carried from high school or collage in completing essays. I might possibly be the worst person in the world at finishing something. I am a great starter though. With that being said this blog spot is a dedication to my on going, never finishing projects. There is guaranteed to be some rambling and rants. There will be some weird stuff as well. When the angels come to see me again you all will be the first to know. Religious folks beware, I love you but I think your lifestyle sucks. Just stick with me and hear me out as I share my life and execute the Adam in me.